Red Carpet Visitors Guide

The Red Carpet Visitor's Guide

Here at Good Samaritan Hospital, we roll out the Red Carpet for our patients and visitors. We know that Downtown Los Angeles can seem like a foreign land if you are not familiar with some of its resources, so we've developed a program to help access downtown resources that will fit your budget.

Our Red Carpet Hospitality Program is a concierge-like service that provides information about local accommodations, restaurants, transportation, attractions, and spas

For patients, we ask that you use the local delivery and dine-in restaurant choices only after first checking with their nurse to be certain that they do not have food restrictions. Also, you should check with our Food & Nutrition Services Department regarding their ability to meet any special menu requests (call ext. 2089 in the hospital). After talking with a Food & Nutrition Services Department representative, if you still request outside food delivery, you will need to ensure that the food first stops at your nursing station.

Please note that all drive-times do not include traffic delays, and that Good Samaritan Hospital does not assume any responsibility for the services provided by outside vendors at your request.

Good Samaritan Hospital does not endorse any of the companies on this list nor does it receive any

advertising funds.For any questions or if you have comments please call the Marketing Department at (213) 977-2911.

Thank you in advance for choosing Good Samaritan Hospital to provide your medical care.