Office of Pastoral Care

At the Good Samaritan Hospital we recognize the importance of spiritual awareness and religious affiliation and practice in health and healing. The Department of Pastoral Care is a resource for spiritual counsel and religious observance for all patients no matter their race, ethnicity, national origin, language, or religion.

The Reverend Jerry R. Anderson, an Episcopal priest, is director of the Department of Pastoral Care. His full-time colleagues are Brother Felipe Martinez, a Catholic religious, and the Reverend Dr. Ronald David, an Episcopal priest. The Reverend Stephen Kim, also an Episcopal priest, is a volunteer and provides pastoral care for Korean patients in particular.

To request pastoral counsel or to receive religious services and/or sacraments contact the Reverend Jerry Anderson at 213 482 2736. From within the hospital dial extension 2736 directly. Brother Felipe can be reached at 213 482 2755; and the Reverend Ronald David can be reached at 213 482 2736. For evening or on weekend emergencies please contact the Nursing Staff Office at 213 977 2085.