Physician Applications Portal

Click on the icons below to launch the applications.

The GSH News link offers the most up to date information about CPOE, new programs and upgrades to existing GSH applications.
Citrix offers the fastest, most effective remote connection to Meditech, Horizon Radiology, Horizon Cardiology, eMD and PICIS. Citrix Receiver must be downloaded on your computer to access the application. Click here for Citrix Receiver download & log in instructions. If you are working on a computer without Citrix Receiver, the icons below offer a direct log in to WebNow, eMD and McKesson Radiology.
WebNow is a direct access website where you can view the scanned portion of a patients’ chart. Scanned deficiencies may be signed in WebNow, however, the signing process will be faster in eMD via Citrix.
eMD is a physician portal to view Meditech EMR patient information. Scanned deficiencies may be signed in eMD, however, the signing process is faster when accessing eMD via Citrix. The eMD training video is here.
Horizon Radiology remote access link to view images and reports. Note: Horizon will not function with Windows operating systems 8 and above or Apple computers.
CPOE-goodsam.org hosts Computer Based Training modules for physicians. Create an account and click the Provider Training link to view the training modules.
Medical Library webpage with access to all online subscribed publications and medical information databases. Select the application you need by clicking on the icon and you will be directed to the log in page. If you have difficulty logging in, please call Client Services at 213.977.4029 or Ext. 4029 from inside the hospital