Reference Courses for Review

Nursing Reference Courses

Telemetry/Critical Care RN

Tele/CC - PCS - Patient Care System

Tele/CC - PCS for Tele/CC - VS & I&O

Tele/CC - Family History

Tele/CC - Nursing EMR

Tele/CC - Visual Flowsheet

Tele/CC - Documenting Home Meds

Tele/CC - Nursing POM - Provider Order Management

Tele/CC - Nursing Order Entry Process Desktop

Tele/CC - BMV

Tele/CC - Transfer Routine

Tele/CC - Nursing Discharge

Tele/CC - Reject Orders Report/Management

Tele/CC – WebNow

Medical/Surgical RN

Med/Surg - PCS - Patient Care System

Med/Surg - PCS for Med/Surg

Med/Surg - Family History

Med/Surg - Nursing EMR

Med/Surg – Visual Flowsheet

Med/Surg - Documenting Home Meds

Med/Surg - Nursing POM - Provider Order Management

Med/Surg - Nursing Order Entry Process Desktop

Med/Surg - BMV

Med/Surg - Transfer Routine

Med/Surg - Nursing Discharge

Med/Surg - Reject Orders Report/Management

Med/Surg - WebNow

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant - PCS for NA

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