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Podiatrists are medical professionals trained to keep feet and ankles healthy and working well. No matter what your age or foot problem, podiatrists at Good Samaritan Hospital do their best to grant prompt and effective care. While reducing symptoms and working to correct the cause of the problem, podiatrists coodinatate with other members of your healthcare team, such as your primary care physician, to provide optimal medical treatment.

Good Samaritan's Orthopedic Institute is a recognized Center of Excellence with many outstanding clinical programs. Among those, podiatric programs include:

  • Foot Surgery provides pain relief, restores function, and improves both appearance and comfort. Both invasive and surgical treatment options are explored, with choices focused upon each patient's unique condition and preventing any future problems. Good Samaitan Hospital podiatrists specialize in programs and treatments, for conditions affecting:

    • Bones: bunions, hammertoes, bone/heel spures, fractures and stiff joints
    • Skin: warts, fungal infections, corns and calluses, cracks and sores
    • Nails: ingrown nails, thick nails, black-and-blue nails.
    • Soft Tissue: tendonitis, plantar fascitis and ankle sprains
    • Arch and nerve problems
  • Diabetes, circulatory probelms and arthritis are major contributors to foot damage. Diabetes often causes poor blood circulation or loss of feeling in your feet. When compounded with diabetes, even a tendor spot or tiny break in the skin can turn into a serious infection. However, with prompt diagosis podiatrists can alleviate pain and empower patients with preventiative self-care techniques. Treatment options from Good Samaritan prodtrists include ultrasounds, Orthotics, physical therapy, compression, and surgery to help pateints regain comfort and mobility as quickly as possible.

For a physician referral, call 1-800-GS-CARES.

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