Charity Care & Discount Policy


GSH will assist patients who do not have health insurance to identify and apply for benefits for which they may be eligible from programs including Medicare, Medi-Cal, the Healthy Families program, California Health Benefit Exchange, Los Angeles County Indigent Patient Program, California Children’s Services (CCS), Victim of Crime (VOC), worker’s compensation, State funded California Healthcare for Indigent Program (CHIP), and coverage for accidents through third party liability (TPL). In addition, qualifying low income patients may be granted assistance for some or all of their financial responsibility through charity grant programs such as QueensCare and Good Hope. GSH may also provide free or greatly discounted necessary care as unfunded charity on a case by case basis.

Uninsured patients who do not qualify for any insurance or health coverage benefits or programs will be offered self-pay discounted rates. These rates will be set in accordance with the “Cash Price Policy.”

Depending upon their income and assets, patients who are not insured and are not eligible for benefits from any other program may qualify for a 100% charity care discount, a partial charity care discount or self-pay discount.

The policy does not apply to deductibles, co-payments and/or coinsurance imposed by insurance companies unless the patient qualifies for assistance as a “High Medical Cost Patient.” It also does not apply to services that are not medically necessary (such as cosmetic surgery), or separately billed physician services.

The policy will not apply if the patient or responsible party provides false information about financial eligibility or if they fail to make every reasonable effort to apply for and receive third party insurance benefits for which they may be eligible.

Any patient or patient’s legal representative who requests a charity discount under this policy shall make every reasonable effort to respond to reasonable requests from GSH for documentation of income and all potential health benefit coverage. Failure to provide information may result in the denial of the requested self pay or charity care discount.

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