Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence at Good Samaritan Hospital provide premier care for patients throughout Los Angeles and beyond. These programs advance the science of medicine while pioneering the application of new protocols to improve patient care. Each center is designed to protect and preserve patient health with a unique focus and emphasis.

The Centers of Excellence at Good Samaritan Hospital are:

Multiple centers at Good Samaritan Hospital are recognized as some of the best specialty programs in the United States, while others enjoy growing international recognition with referrals from countries all around the world. This is all part of Good Samaritan Hospital’s ongoing dedication to excellence in the medical field and in service to the Los Angeles community. This has been the consistent mission and purpose of Good Samaritan Hospital since its founding in 1885.

A Tradition of Caring

Patients at Good Samaritan Hospital can expect the best standards of modern medical care, all delivered with compassion and sensitivity. Good Samaritan Hospital has a reputation for excellence and compassionate care, serving the Los Angeles community with dedication and superior skill since 1885.

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Dedicated to Providing the Best Care Possible

At Good Samaritan Hospital Los Angeles, we have the expertise and facilities you would expect at a state-of-the-art medical facility.

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