Specialized Orthopaedic Program

Specialized Orthopaedic Programs

Spine Surgery

Surgeries to treat spinal conditions traditionally required a five to six-inch incision, and patients routinely faced recovery periods of several months to a year. With minimally invasive surgery (MIS), many spine operations at Good Samaritan Hospital can be completed within hours using only two or three small incisions. In many cases, patients are walking within a day or two of surgery and can be back at work in three to four weeks. Minimally invasive spine surgery reduces blood loss and decreases the risk of post-operative infection. Patients spend less time in the hospital, have less post-operative pain and may return to regular activities sooner.

Surgical treatments of the spine include:

Kyphoplasty surgery elevates bones damaged by degenerative disease and uses a specialized cement to stabilize the structures of the spine, providing immediate pain relief for patients.

Spinal Decompression removes a small portion of the bone and/or disc material to remove spinal pressure and give more space to the spinal nerves or spinal column.

Spinal fusion grafts two vertebrae together so there is no longer any motion between them. It is designed to restore nerve function and stop the abnormal motion that causes pain, numbness, tingling and weakness.

Joint Replacement

Total and partial hip and knee replacements

Joint replacement surgery is the most effective treatment for severe osteoarthritis, reducing pain and disability and restoring some patients to near normal function. At Good Samaritan, orthopaedic specialists perform a high number of joint replacement surgeries, with over 500 hip and knee replacement and revision surgeries performed each year. The Center has offered computer-assisted joint replacement surgery since 2008.

Knee replacement is one of the most successful of all surgical procedures. Recovery takes approximately three months and most patients enjoy many years of pain-free knee function with no limits on their ability to stand, walk and perform normal daily activities. The computer-guided navigation system used by surgeons increases surgical accuracy, resulting in greater joint stability, fewer complications and shorter hospital stays.

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