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In the event of a stroke, remember this: Stroke patients at Good Samaritan benefit from the expertise of a diverse range of physician specialists and advanced medical facilities.

From the moment a patient enters the Emergency Department to collaboration with our multidisciplinary team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and interventional radiologists, the focus is on halting or reversing the effects of a stroke. A dedicated wing within the intensive care unit provides the specialized care stroke patients require following intervention. An individualized treatment plan can help those who have suffered residual effects of a stroke to return their maximal level of function as quickly as possible.

The neurointerventional team is also available to assist in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke patients, as well as the management of patients with hemorrhagic strokes due to ruptured aneurysms and other vascular malformations. This program will be staffed by skilled physicians from the USC/Keck School of Medicine as part of an overall neurosciences affiliation between the two hospitals. Depending on a patient’s diagnosis, a neurointerventional procedure may be considered less invasive and more effective than more traditional modes of treatment. The neurointerventionalists will work as part of a team with neurologists and neurosurgeons at Good Samaritan Hospital to diagnose, treat, and coordinate rehabilitative care for stroke patients.

For more information about the Good Samaritan Hospital Comprehensive Stroke Center call (213) 977-2028.

Good Samaritan Hospital Comprehensive Stroke Center

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