Guidelines to Transfusion-Free Medicine

Guidelines to Transfusion-free Medicine

  • Whole blood and its components are prohibited (packed red blood cells, leukocytes, platelets and plasma that includes fresh frozen plasma, and white blood cells)
  • Auto transfusion of banked blood or blood products is also prohibited
  • Blood remaining in circulation within the body is usually acceptable (cardiopulmonary bypass, plasmapheresis or dialysis). Perioperative blood salvage (cell salvage), hemodilution, dialysis/heart-lung bypass therapeutic aphaeresis
  • Albumin/plasma protein fraction, clotting factors (non-recombinant VIII, and IX) cryoprecipitate, immunoglobulins, interferons, hemophilia preparations, vaccines and sera is an individual decision
  • Generally accepted are nonblood plasma expanders (normal saline, Ringer’s lactate, dextran, hetastarch), erythropoietin, and new fluorinated blood substitutes (perfluorochemicals)

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