At Good Samaritan, doctors who provide transfusion-free medicine and surgery use a variety of approaches to increase the margin of safety when they treat patients surgically without blood transfusions. The process starts with careful surgical planning.

In preparation for surgery, a patient may be given Erythropoietin (EPO), iron and other medications to stimulate the bone marrow’s production of red blood cells. Careful attention is given to each patient’s history and physical examination, and special screening tests can be used to identify bleeding tendencies early so they can be managed properly.

Advanced discussions between the surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses, perfusionists, technicians as well as other team members contribute to a smooth, successful transfusion-free treatment.

Techniques the surgical team employ to minimize blood loss include sutures, electrocautery, lasers, an Argon beam coagulator and other hemostatic devices; efficient, gentle methods of intraoperative blood salvage; controlled hemodilution/ultrafiltration techniques to remove excess water; and pharmacological agents that promote better coagulation. Regardless of the devices and instruments used, meticulous technique is vital to avoiding blood loss.

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