Community Diabetes/Heart Education Program

Community Diabetes/Heart Education Program

The Community Outreach Center is pleased to offer several classes and events to the community, FREE of charge.

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Living With Diabetes Program

(Free Class Sessions)

Diabetes is a serious disease, but it can be managed.

During this 4 class series, you will learn to prevent or manage diabetes with the M’s : Meals, Movement, Monitoring, Medication, Medical Support and Mental health.

Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available

Topics include: Recommended blood glucose levels, carbohydrate counting, reading food labels, physical activity, taking medication and preventing complications.

For more information or to register, please call (213) 977-2150.

Heart H.E.L.P.

(Free Class Sessions)

The Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program will give you the information you need to keep your heart healthy through blood pressure control, cholesterol reduction and weight management.

Morning, afternoon and evening classes available

Topics include: eating nutritionally balanced meals, reducing sodium intake, reading food labels, physical activity and learning to recognize and react to the signs and symptoms of a stroke, heart attack and heart failure.

For more information, please call (213) 977-2150.

Healthy Habits for Mom and Baby

Learn healthy habits to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. Learn ways to keep your baby safe and what to do if your baby is crying, or choking, sleeping or riding in a car.

Learn how and when to introduce solid foods to reduce the risk of allergies and health problems such as diabetes.

For more information, or to register please call (213) 977-2150

We start a new class every month. Please call (213) 977-2150 to register. Classes are available in English and Spanish.

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