Follow-Up Care

Follow-Up Care

After your course of treatment is completed, your radiation oncologist will schedule an initial followup visit within two to four weeks. At this time, you will be examined to ensure that any side effects are resolving.

Every effort is made to minimize the side effects of radiation by excluding normal tissue from the treatment field. Your radiation oncologist is trained in recognizing and treating these effects promptly. To ensure your continued health, future follow-up visits will be scheduled every three to six months. If another cancer physician is also monitoring you, your follow-up schedule will be adjusted to allow for that.

Your primary physician or medical oncologist may have questions about changes in your physical examinations brought about by the radiation treatment. Since these changes can be subtle and progress months or even years after treatment, it is important that you adhere to your follow-up appointment schedule. Your radiation oncologist can work with your primary physician to avoid unnecessary diagnostic procedures.

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