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I used to think BACON, grits, and eggs for breakfast--now I think vegetables! This morning I made zucchini, peppers, onions, spinach and eggs. I liked it and it made me feel good!

I used to eat the whole bag of popcorn or think, “I haven’t had a Twinkie in a while, so let me get some.” I used to buy 3-4 bags of caramel candy and it’d be gone in a week. Now I don’t buy them. I snack on a small amount of nuts.

Eating addiction is like gambling and drugs. It was a bad habit that I needed to change. I never thought I’d live this long, but since I’m still here, I may as well take care of myself. I’m ready to get back on track. I’ve got to. I’m hoping to be 3 to 5 pounds lighter instead of 3 to 5 pounds heavier, which was happening before class.

D.G. 65 years old, Los Angeles

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My A1c and cholesterol have improved in the past 3 months.

I’m very happy I took your class as it helped me feel more comfortable with how to eat. At first I was terrified to eat any carbs, but after discussing with Prisca and Coralyn, I leveled into accepting 60 grams carbs during meals and 30 grams carbs during snacks. That helped me TREMENDOUSLY in realizing I can continue with some sense of normality.

Thanks again for the work that you and the team do. You’re helping to save lives and it’s truly amazing.

Class Participant

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I have diabetes and I was very scared when I got diagnosed. I didn’t know what to eat and was taking 1000mg of Metformin. When I took the classes, I learned what to eat and how much to eat and what’s good for you. The classes helped a lot because when I did my blood work a couple weeks ago, all my results came back better! My doctor was so surprised and asked me what I was doing. I told her, I went to Living with Diabetes class at Good Samaritan. Now she wants all her patients to go. Now my Metformin is decreased to 500mg. I’m very happy with the classes and will repeat it again for a good reminder.


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Due to coming to the diabetes classes, taking things seriously, and due to Prisca’s teaching and encouragement, I took that chance to take better care of myself and my health. I was able to get off insulin and lower my A1c from 13.1 to 6.2. The knowledge from class was very helpful and enlightening; it changed my life. I use the carb counting book from class and Instead of 1 cup of pasta I eat ½ cup and I’m ok with that. I eat more vegetables. I’ve lost weight. I feel good and my body feels a difference. I know not to over binge cause now I don’t like it.


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Sitting in endocrinologist office right now. Believe it or not - Dr. said that my A1c was "too good"!

He is concerned (as am I) about some low readings at night since I've been focusing on losing weight. He has reduced my insulin dosage from 55 unit (2x per day) to 50 units! That's a total reduction of 10 units since my first visit with him (this is my 2nd)! Thanks to your diabetes classes, and the Healthy Cooking classes, I seem to be better able to stay focused on eating the right foods, in the right portions!

Thanks again to you and staff for your important (and delicious) work!

E.R. PS: Lost 12 lbs since my first visit here three months ago!

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For me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, having my son and becoming a mother were, and continue to be, a huge transformative experience. It’s been both heart expanding and super challenging. And one of the biggest challenges for me was breastfeeding. The initial latch was tricky and painful, positioning didn’t come naturally, and I needed support in establishing my supply. Also being uncertain about was my son getting enough nourishment was hard for me.

When I first came to Good Sam’s Lactation Consultants I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to rise to all the challenges of breastfeeding that I was experiencing. Sara, my lactation consultant, was very kind and supportive and I would not be a breastfeeding mommy without her and the whole staff there. I felt seen, heard, supported, and understood each visit and by each member of the staff. And I received great experienced help as we troubleshot the various reasons for my visits.

Good Sam’s Lactation Team have been invaluable to me and I recommend them to every new mommy that has questions or is struggling.

K. H. First time Mom

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