VIP Program/Gold Card Membership

VIP Program & Executive Physical

The VIP Program/Gold card membership is designed with your health and wellness in mind. Accomplished within a few hours in an efficient manner, you leave with your test results in hand as you move forward doing what you do best in your working world!

This program is designed to be respectful of your time. You will be provided with concierge service without the added expense of a resort-style program. The VIP Executive Physical program focuses on providing an assessment of overall health through laboratory, electrocardiographic and imaging screening tests. You will be asked to fast from 10:00 PM the night prior to prep for the test. Please note: if you take medication or follow certain dietary guidelines, please check with your own healthcare provider for your specific fasting instructions. Your labs will be drawn shortly after you arrive. After the screening tests are performed, you will be offered a light snack with coffee, tea, water or juice to enjoy while your tests are processed. You are able to use your cell phone, or bring along your laptop as complimentary Wi-Fi service is available for your convenience. Once your test results are processed, they will be handed to you in a sealed envelope in both paper form, as well as downloaded onto an encrypted Flash Drive so you may keep a record in your personal medical file. Your assigned Primary Care Physician for the appointment will then see you in order to review the test results, as well as answer any questions you may have. The cost for the VIP Executive Physical is $3,000.

Why invest in a VIP Executive Physical?

  • Battery of specifically targeted tests to assess your health
  • Allows you stay proactive with your health
  • Quick, efficient and all tests and examinations are done in same location
  • Labs, imaging and exam complete within a few hours
  • Opportunity to thoroughly discuss results with a medical doctor
  • Respectful of your busy schedule

Please note: If you sign up for the Executive Physical program, you are automatically issued a VIP Gold card.

For more information about the VIP Program and Executive Physical please call (213) 977-2932.

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